Have You Discovered Life Yet?

Have You Discovered Life Yet?

Willing is not enough; we should do. In matters of fashion, swim with the current; within matters of principle, remain like a rock. I think plus think for months and many years. Ninety nine times, the final outcome is false. The hundredth time I am right. In which the willingness is great, the difficulties can not be great. Strength does not originate from physical capacity. It comes through an indomitable will.


Success is just not to be measured by the placement someone has reached in every area of your life, but the obstacles he has conquered while trying to succeed. “Talent is formed in isolation, character in the bustle from the world. ” To avoid critique do nothing, say nothing, become nothing. If you want to make your own dreams come true, the first thing you need to do is wake up. By operating faithfully eight hours each day you may eventually get to be manager and work twelve hrs a day I’ve learned that regardless of what happens, or how poor it seems today, life will go on, and it will be better the next day. 


The art of being smart is the art of being aware of what to overlook. When I listen to somebody sigh, ‘Life is difficult, ’ I am always enticed to ask, ‘Compared as to what?  Don’t let existence discourage you; everyone that got where he is needed to begin where he was.  In three words I could sum up everything I’ve discovered life: It goes on. You will get strength, courage and self-confidence by every experience by which you stop to look worried in the face. Sometimes even to reside is an act of bravery. Do first things 1st, and second things never. The only people who find what exactly they are looking for in life are the problem finders. Defeat is not sour unless you swallow it. We are an optimist. It does not appear too much use being other things. Positive anything is better than unfavorable thinking. People seem to not see that their opinion from the world is also a confession associated with character.
Those who wish to perform, always find a song. Should you be going through hell, keep going. Sunlight shines and warms plus lights us and we have zero curiosity to know why this really is so; but we inquire the reason of all evil, associated with pain, and hunger, plus mosquitoes and silly individuals. Life is a shipwreck yet we must not forget to perform in the lifeboats. Enduring routines I hate…. Yes, in the very bottom of the soul I feel grateful to any or all my misery and rounds of sickness and every thing about me that is imperfect, because this sort of thing simply leaves me with a hundred backdoors through which I can escape through enduring habits. There is no schooling like adversity. He that has a way to live may bear almost any how. Difficulty introduces a man to themselves.

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